Relationship Status: Water Friendship workshop

On July 18th, GLC Education & Outreach Coordinator Paul Baines gave a workshop in Cambridge Ontario about our relationship with water. Based on the 2017 Water Friendship pilot project, this event was part of the Common Waters project. Common Waters is a community project that examines our relationship with water and provides a platform for us to discuss some of the most pressing issues of our time. It started with three reflections about how we think: We can not solve a problem with same kind of thinking that created it / We count and name what matters to us / If all you have is a hammer, then nails are what you go looking for.

Becoming Great Ancestors: a workshop in progress

Toronto has been developing a Great Lakes Commons workshop that introduces how GLC is different from many other water protection organizations. 

Called 'Becoming Great Ancestors', the 90-minute workshop offers 8 different ways we can relate to water. 4 of these are called "common ways" and 4 are called "commons ways". See the slight difference. You can see and download a copy of the workshop outline and materials if you'd like to host a similar workshop in your community.