Becoming Great Ancestors: a workshop in progress

Toronto has been developing a Great Lakes Commons workshop that introduces how GLC is different from many other water protection organizations. 

Called 'Becoming Great Ancestors', the 90-minute workshop offers 8 different ways we can relate to water. 4 of these are called "common ways" and 4 are called "commons ways". See the slight difference? 

You can see and download a copy of the workshop outline and materials if you'd like to host a similar workshop in your community. 

The main part of the workshop is teasing out 5 Ancestor Intentions -- 5 principles that could profoundly shape how we learn, act, and collaborate around the Great Lakes to create a shared and sacred commons. As a work-in-progress, we identified these to start the work of becoming a great ancestor. We explored: BELONGING, CAUTION, BOUNDARIES, AGREEMENTS, and GRATITUDE. Download the materials to see the full details.

Using our Meetup group, mailing lists, and Facebook page -- we connected 25 people to the GLC initiative in Toronto. 

What do you think it takes to become a great ancestor? What intentions would you add? How could this workshop be adapted for your community? What do you think of this workshop so far?

We are now also planning a follow-up workshop called Stepping In. More to come.