water walk

Journey for the Waters

Motion. As water flows through our lives, how does it move us? What e-motions are stirring when we witness the state of the Great Lakes?In 2016, from Mother’s Day to Thanksgiving, Great Lakes Commons rallied people across the waters to journey in unity. Walk, bike, paddle, sail, or surf to connect with the lakes and others who are becoming great ancestors -- guardians of the Great Lakes. In 2019, can you journey part of the Great Lakes this year and add motion to this ongoing movement?

Hamilton Harbour Water Walk (Dish with One Spoon Territory)

It was an early morning on the shores of Hamilton Harbour.  A group of about 30 Indigenous and non-Indigenous allies gathered with a collective purpose.  It was one based in love for the water, and somewhere deep inside, a dignified rage that fuelled our motivation to walk 42 kilometres in three days.