Water Power: how our energy sources impact water

This week Canada announced it was phasing out coal use for making electricity by 2030 even though 4 Provinces still burn coal to boil water to turn a turbine to generate a current. Steam engine technology is 300 years old and it's at work everyday in the Great Lakes for coal (in all 8 U.S. states) and for nuclear power (7 U.S. states and Ontario). 

The lifecycle and controlled explosions of coal and uranium on this planet are at the heart of our water dystopia.

Great Lakes could become carbon corridor, says Maude Barlow in new report

As governments approve tar sands oil and fracking projects around the Great Lakes, the Council of Canadians warns that these extreme energy projects are putting the Great Lakes in peril. Council of Canadians Chairperson Maude Barlow outlines the web of pipelines, refineries and oil shipments that threaten the Lakes in her new report released today entitled,