A Commons Charter In Your Pocket: small is beautiful

Access -- one of the many key elements to making a commons. Access to clean water sources, access to decision making processes, and access to information and communication. 

One simple step in making the Great Lakes Commons Charter more accessible is making a pocket version -- done.

Perhaps you can download the original, print copies (colour looks nice), and share with your friends? Here's a 30-second video on how to convert your print into an 8-page zine.

Our deepest desire is for people to read the Charter together in small groups. Our Leadership Council recently read one section each and then read the last sentence together:

In signing this Charter, we embrace our responsibility, individual and collective, to act on behalf of these waters and of future generations. 

When ready, we would be grateful for your Charter support publicly through our website.

 Keep us posted about your success with this pocket version.