2013 is the Year of Water Cooperation

World Water Day Participants

March 22 this year was the United Nations’ World Water Day. This designation by the UN seems extremely appropriate, given the complex threats facing many other water bodies around the world, including our own lakes, as well as the great work being done by many groups working together to create new ways to collaborate on and solve water issues.

Although World Water Day may seem more dedicated to water supply issues of a global significance, perhaps far away from home, North America has plenty of reasons to stop and think about water. Decreasing groundwater supplies, drained lakes, polluted water bodies, and aging water infrastructure are making the local news more and more. The American Society of Civil Engineers recently gave the United States a “D” grade on water infrastructure. The Great Lakes, which contain 20% of the world’s surface fresh water supply, are threatened by short sighted economic interests that could cause them to be “bone dry in 80 years.

Although the day is passed, 2013 is still the year of “Water Cooperation." Now is the perfect time to join the efforts of all the communities working together on water issues around the Great Lakes! Click here to participate.