Maude Barlow Tours the Great Lakes

Maude Barlow

Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow is currently taking part in a tour of seven cities to address the many challenges facing the Great Lakes. She is partnering with academics, community activists and water experts along the tour, many of whom are hosting workshops and other hands-on opportunities to learn and do more in defense of the Lakes. The tour provides an opportunity to highlight pressing issues in each of these communities.

Barlow is a renowned activist and author. She co-founded the Blue Planet Project and the International Forum on Globalization, and she is a leading member of Food & Water Watch and the World Future Council. She has been a champion of taking a commons approach to water resources throughout the world.

Learn more about Barlow’s tour here, and help us spread the word about this exciting opportunity to hear first hand from an internationally known leader on water issues!