We are proud and excited to share news to all our Charter supporters about our fresh set of learning and organizing resources.

What actions can we take to bring about a Great Lakes commons?

A bundle of gifts is now ready to help answer this question and enliven the Great Lakes Commons Charter across the basin. With your energy fake, this Charter Toolkit can support more people, communities, and campaigns collaborating on the Great Lakes Commons vision. We welcome your feedback on how these resources can be adopted, improved, and expanded.

The Charter Toolkit currently includes:

  • the Charter Declaration in 5 Great Lakes languages
  • native and non-native water governance introductions
  • ways-of-knowing workshop outlines
  • a series of water-commons conversation starters and concepts
  • a set of community organizing practices.

We've got a volunteer form below to match people's talents with GLC needs. Take a look -- a little work can go a long way when we come together.

Photo by Daphne Randall

Photo by Daphne Randall