We regularly host conversations with community water leaders around the Great Lakes. We hope these conversations enhance 'connectedness' and raise the level of individual and shared commitment. If you want to host and record a 1-on-1 interview or basin-wide circle gathering, please get in touch.

Campfire Circles: exploring issues and examples

Interviews with Great Lakes Commoners

Description: Water protector, cycling troubadour Ben Weaver and Alexandra Maxwell, director of Save the Wild UP discuss the idea of connection in their work, communities and friendship based around water advocacy.

Description: Water protector, cycling troubadour Ben Weaver and Great Lakes Commons Outreach Coordinator Paul Baines discuss power. Often we are told that power resides outside of ourselves, most commonly in the hands of those we elect. What about the power of blizzards, river eddies, or the beating of our own hearts? What can we learn from this kind of power to inform our work with water?

Description: Water protector and cycling troubadour Ben Weaver visits with Thunder Bay resident and artist Betty Carpick to reflect on the using art as a tool to create and inspire change within communities surrounded by water.